Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

What to expect, and not expect, from your Hypnosis Sessions –
At Your Sessions and After Your Sessions.

Hypnosis is not mind control – You can’t be made to do something, quit something, stop doing something, forget something. Hypnosis will help you take back control in the areas of your life where you have felt out of control. Hypnosis helps you learn or remember how to: do something, quit something, stop doing something, and change how you view past events. Your hypnosis sessions help you do those things, or stop doing those things, that you choose. Your sessions empower you to do what comes natural to you, on your terms. It does all of this by, perhaps for the first time in your life, teaching you how to feel in the way that you desire, instead of the way you’ve been programmed.

Is Hypnosis Real? – Hypnosis is a scientifically measured state of mind. Hypnosis is not sleep, but rather a focused, relaxed state of mind. There are four measurable states of mind. Our minds are most highly suggestible in the alpha and theta level brain wave states.

Hypnosis won’t make you better at something instantly. It will help you improve nearly any learned skill. For instance, some people have a natural talent for music or athletic activities. Hypnosis can help them, as well as those not as naturally talented but just as motivated, to enjoy & improve their practice time, their time performing, their focus, especially during “crunch time.”

Hypnosis is a skill that anyone can learn and improve.. Hypnosis is a learned skill. You are already doing it. Hypnosis can be described as a focused state of mind characterized by automatic behaviors despite conscious thinking. The life area you wish to change is you already doing hypnosis – unintentionally without your direction or desire. We help you do it better – intentionally, in alignment with your direction and desire. Anyone can learn to improve their natural ability to access their creative and imaginative subconscious mind. It is there that anyone can then reprogram their mind to beliefs, habits and feelings that are aligned with their current life goals, rather than unwanted, unproductive past programming. As when learning any new skill, it’s beneficial to ask yourself “What am I willing to give up to make this happen?

Hypnosis is not a passive process. It’s an active process neurologically. For as you actively make your desired change a priority in your life, you easily learn new perspectives and automatic behaviors, actions, reactions and feelings.

Is hypnosis guaranteed to work? The 100% Guarantee is within you. There is no money-back guarantee. Our work together is a partnership. We bring 100% effort, desire and intention to every session. But that is only 50% of this partnership. Your desire to change is the most critical element in our work together. No matter what a hypnotist does, it will not work for you if deep down you don’t really want to change. You must also have a willingness to focus and the courage to take action. You have to want and you have to be willing. From there, change within you is inevitable.

Hypnosis reminds your subconscious of your greatest asset. Your ability to choose! The power to choose is everyone’s God-given gift. This power to choose is mostly a neglected, forgotten and unused talent. Hypnosis reminds your conscious and subconscious mind of this natural ability, thus freeing yourself to live the life you desire. You’ve been taught knowledge – how to think – your whole life. Now you’ll be taught how to reprogram the feeling part of your mind. You have a problem because what you think (desire) is not what you feel. And what you feel is running your life. With hypnosis you learn to feel what you desire!

Hypnosis is a process of teaching, coaching, and training your mind new ways to “talk” to yourself and to then make better choices. You learn how to optimize the change you desire. You practice that change. It is then that you change how you feel in addition to how you talk about “your past problem”. When you “talk” different, you feel different. Talk better, feel better.

• Most importantly, ask yourself “What do I expect to feel after my sessions?” For your sessions are about you learning how to feel.

How much is it? How many sessions are needed? It depends. Because we are all unique individuals, with varied life circumstances, histories and environments, the number of sessions will vary. As hypnosis is a process of teaching, coaching and training the mind, most clients are able to learn to make the changes in one life area within three to six sessions. Our current rates can be found here.

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